Makeup Starter Tips

Makeup is a woman’s best friend. In a world where beauty dominates, every woman has their own beauty as a weapon. Particularly women who are into makeup designs her own armor, yet to the women who are still new or rookies has a long way to go. In an interview with a makeup artist, I … Continue reading Makeup Starter Tips

Beauty Transcends Time

Throwback beauty has make up enthusiast loving the new 90’s vibe. From low maintenance ponytails and smooth sleek hair to colorful eyeshadows and bold eyeliners. Throwback beauty trends are making a comeback. Women, nowadays, have been crazy over the past. Who knows body shimmers and frosted lips might be a thing now. In particular Lip … Continue reading Beauty Transcends Time

Covering Myself In The Cold (Japanese Look)

During the weekend, we celebrated my Grandma's Birthday in Tagaytay. It was cold and at the same time it was fresh because of the greenery around. Since I live in a tropical country, I thought that it was time to put on some winter or semi-winter clothes and here's what I came up with. Clothes: … Continue reading Covering Myself In The Cold (Japanese Look)

Should I Rebond?

Hey!!! So I went out with my mom to get a haircut, because my hair is getting to thick. I actually planned to go to the salon before new year but it seems I went early -_- Here's my random collection of selfies (and snapchat filters) that I took after 🙂 Hahahaha (don't know why … Continue reading Should I Rebond?

Floral Red On New Year

Happy New Year! and, yes this is a late new year post. I thought I'd share with you my outfit of the day (OOTD) during New Year aka January 1 ,2017. Top - Sfera Skirt - GapBlue Jeans Basics Shoes - Payless For make up look, I don't know if you can see it, but … Continue reading Floral Red On New Year

Stage Fright

I am a person who doesn't have confidence about public speaking. Whenever my teacher would require from me and announce about speaking in front of people, I overthink a lot. I always have a thought in my mind that things will go wrong, I'll stutter as I speak, I may not have a good presentation and even … Continue reading Stage Fright

My MakeUp Collection 2016

I don't consider myself good with make-up. I actually didn't have make-up before. To be honest I was too afraid to put on one, because I know that I will screw it up, because I am a person that eithers put too much or too little. My mom would always tell me that natural beauty … Continue reading My MakeUp Collection 2016